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CABOT 1911's
Our first shipment of Cabot 1911's have landed!!  These beautiful, handcrafted, precision pistols are welcome addition to "The House of 1911's"!!!  Built on the backbone of
solid billet steel these 100% U.S. made pistols are the result of Cabot's dedication to perfection.  Available in both blued and stainless, as well as the option to custom order from factory!!!  View in stock HERE!!!!

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Gun Financing in Canada

Purchasing a firearm in Canada has never been more easier thanks to a company called Tactical Capital Corp. Now you can afford those firearms you have only dreamed about, but never was able to save up the entire amount to make the purchase. Tactical Capital Corp works with Wanstalls Online to give you the freedom to purchase that firearm you have been wanting for so long and in turn give you flexible payment options you finally can afford.

How it works

Applying for financing is quick and easy!

Step 1: Submit your application

Once you know what you wish to purchase, submit your financing application online HERE

Step 2: Check your email for your confirmation letter and next steps. For example, Tactical Capital Corp will require a copy of your government issued photo I.D for verification.

Once approved, we will arrange for you to pick-up your firearm or have it shipped to you via Wanstalls Online.

It's that easy!

Tactical Capital Corp prides itself on working with their customers to attain the firearms they want!

Gun Financing Canada

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