Caldwell HydroSled Shooting Rest


The HYDROSLED is the most innovative shooting rest on the market today, eliminating 95% of felt recoil. The HYDROSLED has the ability to fill an onboard reservoir with your choice of media. There is no longer the need to carry heavy lead bags or weights to the range. Simply fill the 2-gallon reservoir with water, sand or pebbles, and you are good to go. The HYDROSLED is adjustable to accommodate nearly all rifles and shotguns including lever action rifles and AR 15’s with detachable magazines. This shooting rest utilizes a proven rack and pinion elevation ram for precise adjustments, along with fine windage and elevation adjustment knobs. An advanced rear recoil pad protects the firearm and shooter while the front retention strap eliminates muzzle jump. Caldwell’s proprietary HYDROSLED is specifically engineered to eliminate the variables that make you miss.


  • Most advanced recoil-reducing shooting rest on the market delivering up to 95% felt recoil reduction
  • 2 ¾ inches of horizontal gun fitment adjustment to accommodate most rifles and shotguns
  • 2 ½ inches of elevation adjustment, 1 ¾ inches of fine elevation adjustment and 1 3/8 inches of windage adjustment
  • Dry weight: 17lbs, water added: 35lbs, dry sand added: 45lbs, pebbles added: 60lbs






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Caldwell HydroSled Shooting Rest

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